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Tax Day Tea Party aimed at dissatisfied citizens

By Staff | Apr 9, 2009

The tea party phenomenon that touched Cape Coral last week is making its way to Fort Myers.
Sponsored by WINK NEWS Radio, a Tax Day Tea Party is scheduled for Wednesday at Centennial Park to coincide with the last day for filing tax returns.
Jeff Wolf, of WINK NEWS Radio, said organizers hope to draw residents from all around Southwest Florida who are dissatisfied with their local, state and federal leaders.
“We’re trying to bring together fellow Southwest Floridians who are angry and tired of excessive spending on not only the national level, but local and statewide as well,” he said.
Much like the “April Fool’s Tea Party” that focused on issues facing Cape residents, Wolf expects many of the participants to speak out on local issues, including the forthcoming Boston Red Sox stadium and the school boards in Lee and Collier.
“A lot of people have called into the radio show about the school board. They get a lot of flack,” he said. “And a lot of people don’t understand what they’re doing with the new stadium. We already have City of Palms Park, which is great.”
Whether thousands will show for the tea party as expected, Wolf said no one has challenged him or the radio station for sponsoring a news event, despite advertising the tea party on-air.
“No one has brought that up,” he said. “We’re not getting our news involved. We’re keeping our news out of it.”
Wolf said he thought the Cape tea party had a good turnout, and he hopes to mirror its success.
Though no one will be allowed to “stump” during the Tax Day Tea Party, participants are encouraged to bring signs that voice their particular viewpoints.
The event runs 5-7 p.m. in downtown Fort Myers.
For more information, contact Wolf at 338-4380 or e-mail jeff.wolf@winknewsradio.com.