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Ryan, Cushman, Tucker and Jones capture BMGA’s last scramble event of the season

By Staff | Apr 9, 2009

The longer you watch the seasons, the faster they go. This season, the fourth without a direct hit from a hurricane seemed to arrive, thrive and slip away with especially fast times.

But two-city golfers – an island address and one somewhere else, often up north – are finishing a season and readying for another.

In your final days here, you might prepare for those northern friends who have been itching all winter to get into your pockets by using a practice method favored by Ben Hogan.

Hogan, the best little golfer anyone ever saw, was a quiet fellow who pushed himself to greatness while overcoming a near fatal crash with a truck. Part of his aura was the tough yardstick he used to measure his game.

Here’s his practice “game” – Hogan gave himself a point for every fairway he missed in a round, another point for every green he failed to reach in regulation plus points for traps not conquered. The part you won’t believe is that his personal goal was to play a round with a point score of six!

You can adapt it to your game if your goal is to play bogey golf or something else. Having the goal is the key to improvement.

The final scramble and monthly luncheon of the Beachview Men’s Golf Association on April 4 drew around half of the group’s total membership. A couple of putts separated first from sixth.

Mark Ryan, Bob Cushman, Jerry Tucker and Phil Jones won out with a 41.75 net. Bill Stell’s team of Roger Triftshauser, Gholi Dareshori and Rod Verblaauw lost out by a single point. Another point back was the team of Wayne Turner, Dick Codair, Roger Cogswell and Ken Karasin.

In the early week variable better ball event held on March 31, Barry Humphries, Darehshori, Jerry Mader and Ralph Barton took first with a 110 total. Bill Fellow, Dan Keys, Tucker and John Moores had 112 points followed by Mark Ryan, Tom Ware, Jay Allen and Stan Sheft at 117.

Also, Ardell Skow, Jerry Kohmescher and Frank Klepacki won the nine-hole prize with 48 points.