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Church plans ‘Jerusalem Revisited’ for sixth year

By Staff | Apr 7, 2009

Grace Church members are inviting the public to step back 2,000 years for “Jerusalem Revisited.”
It is a 30-minute walk-through recreation of the city of Jerusalem, to experience what Jesus saw, heard and felt, according to church officials.
Those who come to the Easter-time event will see more than 60 actors, children and adults.
They will line up in the parking lot and walk through the recreated city, experiencing the sights, sounds and different scenes. Tours will be held from 7-9:30 p.m. Thursday-Friday.
Susan Moyer, producer and director for the undertaking, has been busy this week helping organize everything from building “the village” to working with the actors.
“People tour the village, led in 30 at a time by Roman guards. Inside the village there’s 12 different shops, including a bakery and a lamp shop,” she said. “A shepherd guide will then lead people through the village to different dramatic scenes.”
The actors will be busy. Since visitors are led through 30 at a time, the actors will have to perform every few minutes.
“The last time we did this, we had 600 the first night and about 800 the next,” Moyer said.
The actors are all church members. Animals also will be in on the performance, including goats.
There will be scenes with Judas, about Jesus carrying the cross and more.
Because of the amount of work involved, the church does the recreation every other year.
“This will be our sixth year doing it,” Moyer said, adding that the event always turns out wonderfully. “And it’s free, a good way to entertain your kids.”
Food will be available for purchase starting at 5 p.m.
Grace Church is located at 13 S.E. 21st Place, near the border of North Fort Myers and Cape Coral, off of Hancock Bridge Parkway.
For information, call 574-7161.