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CRA moving to new offices

By Staff | Mar 28, 2009

The Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency will move to new offices next week, but drivers on Cape Coral Parkway aren’t likely to see a jalopy laden down a la the Joad family –the new offices are a matter of blocks from the CRA’s current headquarters.
Currently situated at 447 Cape Coral Parkway, the CRA will move Tuesday to its new offices at 1231 Cape Coral Parkway.
The new offices offer more room than the current ones, and also allow developers to hold discreet conversations with CRA staffers, something the current offices do not offer.
“When you’re dealing with developers you want to have a private conversation,” CRA executive director John Jacobsen said.
A conference room that can seat more than 200 people is part of the 2,869 square feet of office space the CRA will soon call home. The CRA is currently in discussions with Edison State College to hold classes there beginning in the fall.
“You will be able to get your degree right here in Cape Coral,” Jacobsen said as he packed materials for the move.
The CRA currently pays $33,920 per year for 1,600 square feet of office space. Under its new lease contract, the CRA will pay $52,955 per year for five years for the new offices.
“Our lease was up and we needed more space,” Jacobsen said.
He added that the move brings the CRA into the heart of downtown Cape Coral, the development of which is its central mission.