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Visitors can rent eco-friendly vehicle from Jensen’s Marina

By Staff | Mar 27, 2009

Jensen’s Twin Palms Cottages and Marina has made a new addition to their otherwise already impressive fleet – but this time, it’s not a boat.

“We have people that come in by boat from Cape Coral and they tie up for the day and they want to explore Captiva and go to restaurants,” said John Jensen, noting that in the past, as people arrived at Jensen’s Marina, they would always ask where they could rent a golf cart or some kind of land transportation for the day.

“So we decided to give it a try,” said Jensen, who is now the proud owner of a cherry red electric vehicle, available as a rental to any and everyone who wants to adventure around the islands without a cumbersome, gas-guzzling automobile.

The vehicle, purchased near Fort Myers Beach, is a red Star Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). It runs solely on electricity and is completely street legal. While it doesn’t have doors, the new “Jensen-mobile” is equipped with headlights, blinkers, a windshield, wiperblades and seatbelts.

That last element is what really makes Mary Sheldon, the first person to rent and drive the NEV, really happy.

“We use a golf cart at my parent’s lake and it doesn’t have seatbelts. And when you take a turn in a golf cart you can shift around a little, so I do like that it has seatbelts,” Sheldon said.

“We were going to get a golf cart but then my husband spoke with somebody who said the Jensens had this electric car and he and Lindsay went to see it and they loved it,” she added, noting that her three children – 10-year-old Elizabeth, 7-year-old Lindsay and 5-year-old Thomas – are currently enjoying an extra week on Captiva.

The Sheldons, who are staying at South Seas Island Resort, said she knew she wasn’t going to need a real car to get back and forth to places on the island, like going to dinner and searching for manatees at Jensen’s Marina.

“It goes 30 miles on a charge. It’s amazing. I mean, 30 miles is a long way here,” Mary said. “Everyone should drive one. Especially here. I don’t think you really need anything more than that.”

“It actually goes kind of fast and you can go wherever you want,” said Lindsay.

“I like sitting in the front seat,” Thomas offered.

“I just like it!” Elizabeth added.

But according to all the Sheldons, there is only one problem with the vehicle – deciding who gets to sit in the front seat!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Jensens’ new NEV, call Jensen’s Twin Palm Cottages and Marina at 472-5800 for details.