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Memories by Magick

By Staff | Mar 27, 2009

Have you ever wanted to capture the memory of a special moment? Something beyond a photograph or painting that offers a good rendering of the physical memory but is created with beautiful materials and technique that add something extra. Jewelry created with enamel and cloisonne technique by Magick can offer you just that.

Cloissone is an enameling technique using thin, flat wires to create a design. The wires are fused to a fine silver disk that is engraved to reflect light. Then each cell, or cloison in French, created by the wires is filled with different colors of enamel to create a shaded area. The color and radiance of a piece by Magick is created with the multiple firings of many layers of brightly colored pieces of enamel that are used to fill in the spaces between the wires.

The layers may be different colors and each layer melts and fuses to the next when it is heated to 1,450 degrees in a kiln. The resulting gem is cut, polished, and set in gold.

The artisans at Magick create designs that can be abstract shapes or detailed portraits. Their newest concept is called “Memories by Magick,” which are custom-made pieces that resemble detailed and colorful cameos of loved ones, usually based off a photo provided by the customer.

Magick’s award-winning designer, Nadia Fusager will be at Lily & Co. Jewelers on April 3 and 4, offering guests the opportunity to design and create their own piece of Magick. She recently created a piece for Lily that shows store namesakes Lily and Gracie in stunning detail, with layer after layer of enamel creating a brilliant array and depth of color

To capture your piece of Magick, stop by Lily & Co. today.

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