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Casperson brings balanced beauty to Village Shops

By Staff | Mar 26, 2009

A brand new boutique, Beauty Inside Out, has just opened in the Village Shops and features an array of high-end quality cosmetic, hair and skincare products.

While the boutique is new, the products – designed and developed by islander Kay Casperson – have been bringing beauty and balance to the lives of men and women across the nation for many years.

“My whole life I’ve tried to help people look good and feel good, even as a young girl [and] for me, it was more about making people feel good than it was about looking good,” Casperson said.

When she was 18, Casperson moved to California from Minnesota with dreams of breaking into the beauty industry to learn as much as she could about it, and soon built a career as a make-up artist in the fashion and film industry.

“Very soon after that, I knew I needed a product line,” Casperson said, noting that clients would ask her what they could do about their problem skin and she would have to send them to various places just to get suitable skincare products.

“There was never what I felt was a complete product line,” she said.

So Casperson began researching and working with scientists on developing products by examining and breaking down her favorite cleansers and lotions to determine which elements made each product not only effective, but the best.

“I decided to come up with a product line that was all about balancing the skin, but it was a simple product that everyone could use,” Casperson explained, noting the confusion people experienced trying to find the right product for their skin type, whether oily, dry, problem, sensitive or mature.

The result was Casperson’s BIO Essentials, a gentle but effective line of skincare products suitable for all skin types and the first to combine botanical ingredients, vitamins and essential oils and extracts.

But there is another vital component that makes Casperson’s line different than any other.

After spending a lot of time on the inside of the beauty industry -at one point, Casperson also owned and operated a full service model and talent agency- she noticed that there was a serious lack of self confidence in even her most beautiful clients.

“So I made it my mission to help people discover the delicate balance between inner and outer beauty,” Casperson said.

All of Casperson’s skincare products feature a special mantra or meditation right on the bottle, each designed to correlate with the product, but also to create a sense of inner peace, beauty and confidence.

As you use, for example, the BIO essentials cleanser “Remove,” you are challenged to identify and remove the negative influences in your life.

The next step in Casperson’s line is “Refresh,” a toner accompanied by a suggestion to introduce fresh and positive alternatives to replace the negative parts you’ve removed.

The complete eight step line of products also includes a reparative gotu kola gel (Repair), a vitamin serum (Revitalize), daily moisturizer (Replenish), eye and lip cream (Renew), exfoliating scrub (Refine) and an herbal masque (Resurface).

But Casperson didn’t stop there. She’s also created a line of protein enriched hair care products (Rejuvinate) infused with jojoba and sunflower oils, body lotion and soap (Revive) and a one-of-a-kind cosmetics system (Inside I’m Gorgeous).

A year ago, Casperson launched Inside I’m Gorgeous, an all inclusive cosmetic kit specially designed to flatter and enhance all skin types and ethnicities.

“The only color you have to choose is your foundation and eyebrow pencil,” she said.

An author as well, Casperson, who co-wrote “Pocket Beauty Inside Out,” is currently working on a trio of inspirational beauty books.

In addition to her many other roles (mom, wife, skincare guru, author, make-up artist), Casperson is also a philanthropist and very involved in various charitable causes, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure and locally, Sanibel Cares.

She is currently in the process of expanding her Web site to include a section called “Beauty with a Purpose” that will feature a list of organizations, and, she’s developing a campaign for which a percentage of the profits from her product sales will benefit charities like The Onyx and Breezy Foundation.

Casperson’s products, because of their natural and non-scented composition, are recommended by doctors and sold in spas nationwide.

Locally, you can also find her products at Regatta of South Seas and the Spa at ‘Tween waters and now at Beauty Inside Out in the Village Shops.

Casperson is currently offering a free gift when you stop by the store to learn more about her products and beauty philosophy. She also hosts free make-up and skincare consultations and private parties.

If you would like to find out more about Casperson’s products, call 472-3532 or go online at www.KayCasperson.com.

Beauty Inside Out is located in suite F1 of the Village Shops, 2340 Periwinkle Way.