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North Fort Myers tops Sanibel in 8-Ball action again, 10-6

By Staff | Mar 25, 2009

The Sanibel 8-Ball Pool League again fell short in its annual home and home challenge match with the North Fort Myers Senior 8-Ball League. Played this year at American Legion Post 123, the final score was 10-6. Last year, North Fort Myers won 20-12.

A Sanibel win was expected because of home table advantage, slower cloth, half alive cushions, a loud juke box, a smoke filled room, gal bartenders and a team made up of Sanibel’s four top percentage shooters from League play. The bubble burst quickly as the North Fort Myers shooters racked up six straight wins in the first six games played.

Sanibel fought back with three wins to cut the margin to 6-3 but managed to win only three more games and all of them came from Dave Doane, a member of Bunt’s Ball Busters, the winning team in the Sanibel league. When not practicing his pool game Doane operates Island Marine Services, Inc.

In 2010, the annual challenge match will return in March to North Fort Myers and will be played on the four tables at the Del Tura Country Club billiard room. Each League will be represented by eight players.

Sanibel League play will kick off again in October on the only two pool tables on Sanibel Island, both located at Legion Post 123. For the last two years, six teams played in the League and a total of 60 players competed. Each team played four players per night during the League’s 20-week season, so only 24 players per night could play. The League can expand to a maximum of eight teams unless more tables come to the Island.

Anyone interested in forming a new team to compete in the League should call League Organizer Bob Buntrock at 239-274-7881 or e-mail him at bobbuntrock@comcast.com.