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Mack: Geithner oversight lack illustrates need for smaller government

By Staff | Mar 24, 2009

WASHINGTON – Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14) said today that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s testimony on Capitol Hill – coupled with his recent actions and initiatives along with others in the Obama Administration – are not only reinforcing America’s lack of confidence in Secretary Geithner, but are sparking a true national debate over the size and scope of the federal government.
“The firestorm that has engulfed Secretary Geithner over the past two weeks is an appropriate discussion for Americans to have,” said Mack, who was the first Member of Congress to call for Geithner to resign. “The American people want leadership. They want to feel confident. Today on Capitol Hill, Secretary Geithner failed to deliver either.
“But just as importantly, the cumulative and ongoing actions and initiatives by Secretary Geithner and others in the Obama Administration raise serious and fundamental questions about the role of government in our lives.
“Many of the challenges we face today are a direct result of the ill-conceived economic recovery plans of the Bush Administration that began a massive expansion of government and an unprecedented erosion of freedom and free markets.
“Many of us opposed Washington’s bailouts and TARPs and other similar programs from the start.
“We have already seen how these policies are tearing apart America’s time-tested ideals and values. But instead of holding the line on, or even reversing these policies, the Obama Administration is expanding them at an alarming rate.
“From the problems Washington created with AIG and the House’s passage of a ‘Punishment Tax’ that is fit only for kings and tyrants, to the Administration’s proposed $3.6 trillion budget and planned expansions of government into new facets of the economy, our lives and our homes, America’s freedoms are being taken away from us at every turn.
“America can ill-afford to embrace this liberal economic and social agenda. We must not abandon the time-tested ideals that made our nation great. We deserve better than leaders who turn a blind eye to all the lessons of history and who are instead the modern architects of a policy of accommodation.”

Source: Office of Congressman Connie Mack