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CEPD welcomes Captivans during Open House event

By Staff | Mar 23, 2009

The Captiva Erosion Prevention District held an open house last Thursday during which curious residents and visitors had the opportunity to chat with the CEPD Board of Commissioners and administrative staff in the organization’s new headquarters on Andy Rosse Lane.

Guests enjoyed refreshments and were given complimentary CEPD t-shirts as they mingled with staff and commissioners, learning about ongoing and upcoming projects.

“It was a wonderful welcoming experience between the CEPD and the community. It gave us a great opportunity to show what we do at CEPD but also open the doors to the public so they could share with us some of their ideas and then we can communicate and dialogue between us,” said CEPD administrator Kathy Rooker.

“It was very nice,” said the CEPD’s newest commissioner, Harry Kaiser. “It really let people put faces with the CEPD and let them get to know the commissioners and what it’s all about. It was very important for the community.”

Rooker agreed that the open house was an important step for both the the CEPD and the community because, as Rooker says, the organization is “your CEPD” and she places great value on the thoughts and ideas coming from the community.

“Their input is excellent. I found it really interesting and it sparked good conversation,” Rooker said. “I was especially warmed when the community said that they could see that we at the CEPD were really interested in what they cared about. And that’s what our purpose is, to keep our beaches healthy and safe and listen to our community members who know the history of those beaches.”

Rooker also said that the day after the open house, she had the opportunity to visit some sites around the island that guests had spoken with her about.

“It was nice to go out there and meet with the community and listen to what they’re talking about because they have wonderful ideas,” she added.

The CEPD is located on the third floor of the Celebration Center, at 11513 Andy Rosse Lane.

If you are curious about the CEPD and what they do, visit www.MyCEPD.com or call 472-2472.