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Sanibel Softball League: Bailey’s Baggers sack 42 runs

By Staff | Mar 18, 2009

Last week’s Game of the Week was Bailey’s Baggers at All Island Glass.

The game was an offensive maelstrom with a total of 68 runs scored between the two teams. Bailey’s Baggers sacked a whopping 42 runs.

All Island Glass, on the other hand, didn’t go quietly into the night. They scored 26 runs, which under normal circumstances would be enough to win a game.

But then, the Sanibel Softball League is hardly normal.

“If I only remembered to bring my glove, maybe I could have caught some of the balls that came my way,” said Kayla Schuneman of All Island Glass.

The final score was Bailey’s Baggers 42, All Island Glass 26.

In the other games, The Dirtbaggers mowed down another team, this time their victim was The Sundial, who were handed a 22-1 loss. Like Cape Coral trying to catch the elusive Nile Monitor, so too is The Sundial still trying to capture their elusive first win.

On the flip side, the Dirtbaggers are sharing the hottest win streak right now along with the Great White Grill. Great White defeated Biddle’s Bucket, 17-8, in a game that would determine who would be in first place by the end of Week 6.

The final game of the week was The Dunes vs. Sanctuary Island Electric, who sparked up the crowd with their usual antics. It was a see-saw battle up until the very end, when Sanctuary Electric scored eight runs in the bottom of sixth. The final score: Electric 16, Dunes 8.

Upcoming games on Wednesday will be All Island Glass at Doc Ford’s Wrecking Crew and The Dirtbaggers at the Sundial. Thursday’s games will be The Dunes at Great White Grill and – the anticipated Game of the Week – Sanctuary Island Electric at Biddle’s Bucket.

The Sanibel Adult Softball League plays every Wednesday and Thursday night at the Sanibel ball fields. For more information, contact the Rec Center at 472-0345.