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Motivation for postponement?

By Staff | Mar 18, 2009

To the editor,

From my seat at the Planning Commission meeting of March 10, I heard a discussion of 86-43 take place. Why is this worth notice? Less than half of the seats were occupied. And this is meaningful because…?

Several months ago – before season – the same room with the same topic was filled wall to wall. Yet several people went to the mic insisting that “no one was there” and the topic should be postponed. The commissioners apparently didn’t see the overflow crowd in front of them and postponed the topic.

So do we conclude that half a room of people in season is somebody and an overflow crowd out of season is nobody?

I taught for many years, long enough for the new math to become the old and the old the new again, but this is a math all of its own. Could it be that some other reason was the motivation for postponement?

Karen A. Storjohann