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Loggerhead sea turtle rescued off Sanibel

By Staff | Mar 16, 2009

Friday, March 13 was a lucky day for one male loggerhead sea turtle, who had become entangled in the line from an offshore crab trap.

Barry Waddell, a realtor with John R. Wood, was out in the Gulf, fishing off Sanibel with his son, Noah, and a client when he found the turtle. Waddell called C.R.O.W., who in turn called Amanda Bryant, coordinator of SCCF’s Sea Turtle Research and Monitoring Program.

Bryant called Waddell and determined his location and the state of the sea turtle. After a quick call to SCCF’s Marine Lab, she headed out in a Marine Lab boat with Research Assistants A.J. Martignette and Jeff Siwicke, along with intern Christine Raczka.

Upon reaching the turtle and Waddell’s boat, Siwicke donned his wetsuit and entered the water. The rope entangling the turtle became wrapped in the anchor line of SCCF’s boat, which allowed Martignette to pull up the anchor and bring the turtle closer to the boat. Siwicke and Martignette quickly disentangled the turtle, which promptly swam off.

Bryant estimated the turtle to be well over 300 pounds; he had no signs of injury and appeared healthy.