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C.R.O.W. sees increase in bald eagle patients

By Staff | Mar 16, 2009

The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.) recently admitted its third bald eagle patient since mid-February. Typically, C.R.O.W. only treats about 12 bald eagles per year, so to treat three in two weeks is unusual, according to the clinic’s staff.

“We’re still unclear if the influx is due to more bald eagles flocking to the area, an increase in human interaction with these eagles, or if it’s simply because the public is better educated and knows to call C.R.O.W. when they come across these injured animals,” said Dr. PJ Deitschel, staff veterinarian and clinic director. “Whatever the reason, our main objective is to treat them and get them released back into their natural habitat.”

The first eagle was found in mid-February in a cow pasture in Buckingham. The eagle was suffering from trauma and unable to stand. C.R.O.W. veterinarians treated the eagle with pain medication and acupuncture, and after six days released the bird back home to Buckingham.

Becky Sweigert of Lake Devonwood Drive rescued the second eagle. This baby eagle arrived at C.R.O.W. dehydrated and thin. Deitschel reports the eagle is hydrated and eating, and recently moved from the intensive care unit to an extended care enclosure.

The most recent patient was rescued by Paula Berry of the Useppa Fire Department. C.R.O.W. veterinarians have been treating the bird, which was admitted with abrasions and bruising, with pain medication and Chinese herbs. According to Deitschel, the eagle is responding well and has begun eating, but remains in intensive care. Deitschel is hopeful the eagle will be moved out of intensive care sometime this week.

Established in 1968, C.R.O.W. is one of the nation’s leading wildlife rehabilitation hospitals for native and migratory wildlife. They are a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that relies exclusively on philanthropic support from individuals, corporations and foundations. For more information, call 472-3644 ext.1 or visit www.crowclinic.org.