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Living on island time is fun, chic at Lily’s Jewelers

By Staff | Mar 13, 2009

All right, it’s another beautiful day in Southwest Florida on the islands of Sanibel and Captiva.

The sun is shining, the ocean breeze is gently lifting your hair off of your head and it’s time to get a watch that reflects your surroundings. There are several such tropical timepieces available. Watches that offer style and still keep perfect time. You know, cocktail time, sunset time, nap time

Tropical Paradise by Michele

The newest line of designer timepieces offered by Miami-designer Michele features bright tropical colors and species. Each animal is pictured in enamel on the watch face and diamonds surround the stainless-steel case.

The flamingo watch depicts a pair of the birds lounging in a tropical oasis, they have time to relax on one leg. One of the flamingos is filled with diamonds while the other is a brilliant pink. The leather band is of a similar hue.

The frog watch features a bright green diamond encrusted frog sitting upon his lily pad in a pool of cool blue. He’s keeping an eye out for dinnertime. The froggy green leather band is attached to a stainless-steel case studded with 12 diamonds.

In the tropical paradise toucan watch, the enamel and diamond toucan faces into an enchanted rainforest, alert yet relaxed, it’s almost quitting time. He is surrounded by a gold-plated case surrounded by 12 diamonds. The red leather band sets off the colors of the flowers surrounding the bird.

Stella and Ouni by Bertolucci

Capture the essence of the Mediterranean with the Stella and Ouni lines from Italian watchmaker Bertolucci. These designer watches magnify the colors and shapes of the seashore and glow with an attitude of elegance.

The Stella line mimics stars scattered throughout the night sky and along the seashore. Each of the three watches in the collection features a starfish shape and is encrusted with hundreds of coral or ocean-hued gemstones. Held in place with a matching satin strap, the mother-of-pearl faces are reflected by the brilliance of the surrounding stones. Each one keeps perfect time from sunset to star rise.

The Ouni line draws its curves from the depths of the sea, playing with the organic shape of a sea urchin’s many colors, studded with a multitude of precious stones.

The collection features six fantastic watches, each with a mother-of-pearl face, surrounded by a circle of brushed and brilliant gold or silver encrusted with hundreds of colorful stones.

Within this collection, there is a watch that everyone will have time for.

It’s not always fun to keep track of time when hanging around paradise, but a fun and fashionable tropical timepiece can make the necessary not so evil. A complete line of Michele and Bertolucci timepieces are available at your favorite island jeweler – Lily & Co.

The four-legged friends at Lily & Co., Lily and Gracie (plus their owners Sanibel-Captiva realtor Karen Bell and jeweler and G.I.A. diamondologist Dan Schuyler) will offer the latest jewelry trends and tips every other week.

Lily & Co. is Sanibel’s only jewelry gallery, combining a fine jewelry store and art gallery in one location.

The gallery features several couture jewelry collections and the only collection of loose G.I.A. and A.G.S. certified diamonds, and colored stones. Lily & Co. is a full-service jeweler, offering jewelry repair and restoration, certified Rolex watch and clock repair, glass and metal hand engraving services, bead and pearl re-stringing, pewter and holloware repair and restoration, and appraisal services.

Through our Positively Precious Program Lily & Co. purchases previously worn jewelry, stones, and fine stemware from customers for liquidation purposes.

Store hours are Monday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information about Lily & Co., call 472-2888 or visit www.lilyjewelers.com.