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Full focus and energy

By Staff | Mar 11, 2009

To the editor,

From my seat at City Council meetings, I’ve seen several councils work very hard to put a test plan in place for algae removal. That test is expensive. And the actual work, should the mess of two years ago return, still more expensive. Estimates ran into the millions.

Even in flush times, we would have been hard pressed to afford the full bill. Clearly now we must have help. To my way of thinking the time to get a firm written agreement for funding the project is now before the algae returns. Negotiating with one’s back to the wall is ill advised and, in this case, unnecessary. We all know verbal assurances from political entities aren’t worth the air in which they are uttered. As of the last time I raised this issue, that is all we had.

I know the City has been working on this, but we need them to put their full focus and energy into it and get the money.

And that’s what I see from my seat.

Karen A. Storjohann