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Albert, Bugby, Keys and Moores win BMGA Shamble

By Staff | Mar 11, 2009

They only finished in third place in the tournament of the day, but Bill Blankenship and Dorrell Luce wound up way ahead in the hearts of the Beachview Men’s Golf Association on March 8.

Two members of the longest standing, Blankenship and Luce have been the league’s “designated fishermen” for more than 20 years. On their backs is the heavy burden of providing a sumptuous annual feast of some of the area’s finest swimmers. The variety is usually great and the quantity always exceeds the demand.

This year was no exception. And it was a timely event this time, because earlier in the week the Beachview heroes had been badly bruised in their annual home-and-home against The Dunes, coming out on the short end on both courses.

The feature tournament of the fish fry day was a Shamble, a scramble in which everyone plays their own ball after launching second shots from the best drive off each tee.

A blanket finish saw Craig Albert, Dave Bugby, Dan Keys and John Moores win out with a 95 for the two best balls.

Jim Hopson, Cort Meador, Stan Sheft and Ralph Barton came in second with 96, one point ahead of Rich Rompala, Dave Wisely and the renowned fishermen, Blankenship and Luce.

The Dunes golf team may not be scared, but the local fish are dreading the next fish fry!