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Blood donors needed

By Staff | Mar 10, 2009

Blood donations are needed immediately to sustain the supply in our local hospitals, officials with the Florida’s Blood Centers said Tuesday.
FBC, a local blood bank, is asking for donations for all blood types. Each donation will likely be transfused into a patient within 48 hours. Donors will literally being saving lives., officials said.
All O and A blood types are especially needed! Donors are asked to give at any Florida’s Blood Centers location as soon as possible. Giving blood is simple and takes under an hour. Donors receive a mini-physical, including a diabetes screening, cholesterol reading and blood pressure.
Donors at center locations will receive a $10 restaurant card as a thank you gift.
The public is encouraged to call 1-888-9DONATE for center locations to make a donation. Check out eligibility questions on the web site at www.floridasbloodcenters.org