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Cape Fire Department to ‘blitz’ areas with brush fire information

By Staff | Mar 9, 2009

With dry conditions and brush fire hazards increasing, the Cape Coral Fire Department will go door-to-door in areas most vulnerable to brush fires to speak with residents about safety concerns. On Saturday, March 14, firefighters from several of the city’s 10 fire stations will stop at residences and distribute important brush fire informational handouts provided by the Florida Department of Forestry. So far this year, Cape firefighters have responded to 12 brush fire calls.
Firefighters will share strategies for protecting property by establishing defensible space around homes and buildings, making them “lean, clean and green.” This includes eliminating overgrown or dead vegetation, keeping roofs clear of leaves, pine needles and other combustibles, watering and mowing lawns, and cutting low limbs on trees. Residents also should have an evacuation plan that includes pets and livestock in the event that they must leave their homes.
Fire crews will also take this opportunity to review and become more familiar with the Cape’s vulnerable areas, and pre-plan strategies for fighting brush fires and protecting the public in these neighborhoods.
All residents are encouraged to exercise extreme care in all outdoor activities. Normal recreational activities such as ATV riding, camping, hiking or barbequing can have significant fire consequences. Carelessly discarded cigarettes, use of recreational vehicles, and even the catalytic converters from off-road vehicles can ignite the parched grass and dry brush.
Until the city receives a substantial amount of rain to reduce these serious fire conditions everyone needs to take these actions with their property:
Lean – Have only a small amount of flammable vegetation
Clean – No accumulation of dead vegetation
Green – Plants are healthy and green and lawn is irrigated
It is unlawful for anyone to throw, drop or dispose of a lighted match, cigarette, cigar or other flaming or glowing substance that may cause a wildfire.
· Dispose of smoking materials wisely.
· Do not throw cigarettes from moving vehicles.
· Do not use fireworks.
· Do not light campfires.
· Do not drive or park your vehicle on dry grassy areas off of the paved road.
· Do not ride ATVs in dry, grassy areas.

Source: City of Cape Coral