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Islanders celebrate completion of The Periwinkle Way Project

By Staff | Mar 4, 2009

Last Friday, members of The Periwinkle Partnership celebrated completion of their efforts to restore vegetation along Periwinkle Way following Hurricane Charley – dubbed The Periwinkle Way Project – by hosting a dedication event at the Sanibel Community Association building on Feb. 27.

At the start of Friday’s event, Periwinkle Partnership President Ada Shissler expressed her appreciation to all who had participated in or contributed to the success of the project. She expressed gratitude for the cooperation of the three organizations which make up the partnership: the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF), the Sanibel & Captiva Chamber of Commerce, and Sanibel Beautification, and to the city staff.

Shissler also recognized and thanked the board members, volunteers who had participated in the plantings, and the contributors who had provided financial support.

Mayor Mick Denham and City Manager Judie Zimomra took time to laud the efforts of everybody involved with The Periwinkle Way Project.

“I thank you for your vision, persistence and hard work,” said Denham. “We than Ada and everybody for everything you have done.”

“What a great accomplishment and what a great result when we all work together,” added Zimomra. “These thanks don’t just come from City Hall, but from me as a citizen.”

Following Denham and Zimomra’s comments, a video documentary of the project – produced by John Jones – was shown, and a reception followed.

The Periwinkle Way Project includes a series of pocket gardens and rest stops, with amenities including water fountains, benches, picnic tables and bike racks, as well as understory planting of thousands of new trees along Sanibel’s main thoroughfare.

“When people on the island see a problem or a need or an opportunity to help, they will always step forward,” said Shissler. “We’re turning this over to Mother Nature and will enjoy watching it grow and get more beautiful over the years.”

In addition, a native plant botanical garden has been established at the Periwinkle Way/Palm Ridge Road intersection. The garden contains 29 different species of native plants, trees, shrubs and grasses which are labeled and described. Guided tours of the gardens are available for groups upon request. Tours are conducted by the Sanibel Master Gardeners and members of the City Vegetation Committee and can be scheduled by contacting SCCF’s Jenny Evans at 472-1932.

Periwinkle Partnership board members include Shissler; Charlie Hart, Vice President; Allen Myers and Carolyn Musgrave, Treasurers; Susan Rosica, Secretary; Paul Reynolds, Webmaster; Susan Reynolds, Editor; Robert Radigan, Graphics; Ric Base and Bridget Stone-Budd, Chamber of Commerce; Erick Lindblad and Jenny Evans, SCCF; Phillip Marks, Sanibel Master Gardeners; Debbie Staley and Bob Kern, San-Cap Lions Club; Gates Castle, Sanibel Public Works Director; and Bob Mitchell, Vanasse-Daylor.

Thanks were also bestowed upon the project’s volunteers: Pat Barbour, Don Brown, Trudy Bukholder, Sabina Carston, Ed Coon, KC Cuscaden, Bob and Marion Davis, Sally Devenere, Carolyn Dix, Ossi and Betty Eskelinen, Jenny Evans, Lou Fort, Sharyn Fuchs, Doug Gentry, Fred Gerasin, Bill Gray, Phyllis Gresham, James Griffith, Charlie Hart, Bill Holloran, Robin Humphrey, Richard Johnson, Bob Kern, Ben and Mary Klaus, Phil and Susie Marks, Bill McBeath, Sandy Metz, Robyn Moran, Carolyn Musgrave, Wayne Nierman, Bob Radigan, Lou Scariot, Bill Schumacher, Ada Shissler, Glen Simmons, Deb Smith, Joel Sobitsky, Debbie Staley, Diane Stocks Peter Wilkins, Flo Williams, Jenny Wilson, Greg Woodham and Joe Zerillo.

Special thanks were offered to the Sanibel-Captiva Association of Realtors, Billy’s Bike Club, Rusty Farst, David Jeddell, The Lions Club, Master Gardeners’ Lecture Series, David Platt, John Sibley and R.S. Walsh.