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Difficult and challenging times

By Staff | Mar 4, 2009

To the editor,

I would like to commend Tom Gilhooley for writing his letter of Feb. 26 to Sanibel voters about the Committee of the Islands. As a former board member and President of COTI, he explains its formation in 1974 as a non-partisan organization with a watchdog mission of checking that the actions of Sanibel’s government bodies are consistent with the Sanibel Plan.

In this election, it appears that COTI has departed from its original mission. It has become a partisan political organization that recently resorted to sensationalized advertisements mischaracterizing the status of Sanibel’s financial condition. These practices are irresponsible and divisive, especially in these difficult and challenging times for Sanibel businesses and real estate rentals and sales.

I know of persons who have recently resigned from COTI because of its conduct and change of direction and I applaud them.

Gary Dutton