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Freedom of expression

By Staff | Feb 26, 2009

To the editor,

My Sanibel/Captiva association began in 1952. My family visited regularly, driving from the Florida east coast, where we lived. We came here for the fishing, the solitude, the beach, the casual living. Sanibel was a place that embraced diversity and people of independent thought, perhaps people who were a little outside the norm. We endured hoards of mosquitos on a simple walk to the car, drove slowly on unpaved “washboard” roads and experienced a fabulous ferry ride so we could be a part of this special location. Sanibel has changed dramatically since those days and everyone who newly arrives wants Sanibel to stay as it was when they got here.

In a group society, laws need to be in place to protect us from infringement of our rights. However, communities remain viable and healthy when there is wide diversity and intelligence within the community.

Sanibel has appropriate laws in place. Let’s not legislate away our freedom and turn ourselves into a community without valuable diversity. Freedom of expression, whether in your speech or in how you wish to build your house, is essential. Freedom, once eroded, is almost impossible to re-establish. Loss of even a “small” freedom is hazardous to a healthy society.

Dorothy Wallace