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By Staff | Feb 26, 2009

It was not in another country

Nor in another time.

There was no music playing

And we did not dance or dine.

There was no suite I rented

To which we could retire,

And no romantic breakfast

Relit our evening fire.

No moonlit beach for lovers

To frolic on the sand,

No sun-drenched orange morning

For bodies to withstand,

Nor back seat in a drive-in

With a movie rated R,

And girl to whom I’d promise

Someday to make a star.

Nor did we dare a hammock

With swinging to and fro,

Or standing up in rowboats,

Or slip sliding in the snow.

It was not a brief encounter

Two strangers on a train,

Over before it started

Until we’d meet again.

Nor just a night to remember

Until the seas run dry

Or morning in December

When a kiss became a sigh.

It’s not a true love story,

Yet I think I’ll won’t forget

The love that never happened

On the day we never met.