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CCA discusses land use issues, upcoming events

By Staff | Feb 26, 2009

The Captiva Civic Association held their monthly membership meeting last Tuesday morning. During the session, attendees received information about ongoing CCA business and upcoming events and activities in addition to updates from local organizations such as programs at the Captiva Memorial Library, announcements from the Captiva Erosion Prevention District and the Captiva Hurricane Response Committee and a special presentation from the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation about the ongoing Captiva Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Program.

After the approval of last month’s minutes and a financial report from CCA Executive Director Paul Garvey, Sharon Brace gave an update on art events and CCA activities coming up for 2009.

“It’s been a very busy year and it will continue. I would like to thank everyone who has worked on all the recent activities, such as the poster exhibit that you see here,” Brace said, referring to the poster exhibition now hanging in the CCA community center, featuring prints by Robert Rauschenberg.

There are some unframed posters still for sale and those that are interested in purchasing prints should contact Kelsey Angstadt, who is listed in the CCA membership directory.

Brace thanked all of the people who have been and continue to offer their support and free time to helping prepare for, set up and clean up after CCA events, especially the most recent event, the showing of WGCU’s new Captiva installment in their “Untold Stories” series, “Paradise? Or Paradise Lost,” which premiered to a sold out crowd.

But Brace teased volunteers that the work is far from over.

“You’re not off the hook yet. The season is still young! Coming up is the ABC sale on March 14. Following that is the new contemporary art exhibition opening on Saturday, March 21. If you enjoyed the island contemporary exhibit that we had a year ago, I think you’ll find this one equally interesting. Then, Tuesday, April 7, will be our traditional spring social,” said Brace.

She also mentioned the Captiva Island Fire District’s upcoming schedule, including a special program teaching people how to properly use a fire extinguisher on Wednesday, April 1 at 9 a.m. and another CPR/AED certification class on Thursday, April 9 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Those interested in either program should contact the Captiva Fire Department by calling 472-9494.

“We’ll have a final art exhibit opening on April 17 with the work of a new artist that has not shown at the CCA before,” added Brace.

On Tuesday, March 3, Lauri Kaihlanen will also begin exhibiting works at the CCA.

Brace also reminded members to get their ABC t-shirts while they still can. The shirts are for sale Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Captiva Post Office for $20.

Next on the agenda was an update from Bill Riley about land use.

“There are two matters currently on our agenda. One is a house at South Seas that was under construction and remodeled and appeared to exceed the height limitations,” he noted. “We asked our counsel to look into this and to work with the county on it and there were some negotiations and as a result of that, the owner has agreed to remove the higher part of the roof and bring it back to its prior height.”

“The other thing that’s still going on is the issue of development at Harbour Pointe on South Seas by the Mariner Group. At this stage, there still remains a question of permits by federal agencies. We have been successful so far in reducing the size of the impact on the mangroves but we’d like to bring it down to zero. That’s our objective,” Riley concluded.

“If there ever are any questions on this (land use), feel free to contact Paul (Garvey). I know that a number of people are interested and if you look at our mission statement and what we do, this is a big part of it… if not the central part,” said CCA President Tobe Deutschmann.

Next on the list was Bob Brace, the chair of the nominating committee.

“The six nominees are Bill Kiser to a first term, Jack Cunningham, Tobe Deutschmann, Jeff Morgan and Debbie Wells. Stella Farwell is also on the list. She will be running for her third term. In as much as there were no other nominations that came forward from the membership before the deadline date of Feb. 14,” reported Brace.

Cunningham, Deutschmann, Morgan and Wells are all up for their second term.

The rest of the meeting included information from Ann Bradley of the Captiva Memorial Library, Kathy Rooker of the CEPD and Doris Holzheimer of the Hurricane committee.

Bradley invited members to attend the Library’s ongoing Cultural Fest, which takes place every Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at the CCA community center.

On March 4, author Tom Smoot will speak about his book “The Edisons of Fort Myers.” Gene Gavin and Yvonne Hill of the Cultural Heritage Center of the Islands will make a presentation on March 11 entitled “Preserving and telling the story of Captiva through pictures.”

Coming up on March 18, Peter Blaze Corcoran and A. James Wohlpoart of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Department of Environmental Sustainability and Education will present “A Voice For Earth.”

The last date, March 25, of the library’s first annual Cultural Fest will feature island photographer Charlie McCullogh.

CEPD administrator Kathy Rooker updated members on the status of Blind Pass and announced that beach tilling, a mandatory process required after all beach renourishment in order to loosen sand to facilitate sea turtle nesting, will begin on Friday, Feb. 27, cease for the weekend and resume on Monday, March 1. Those who have questions concerning the tilling can contact Rooker at 472-2472.

Holzheimer gave reminders about the educational program about hurricane preparation on March 6 and Structural Safety Inspection training on March 28.

Following the meeting, Loren Coen and Mark Thompson of SCCF gave a guest presentation about the ongoing water quality study being conducted around Captiva.

If you have questions about the study, contact SCCF at 472-2329.

For more information about the CCA and upcoming events, call 472-2111.