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Artist Myra Robert’s work to be published in book

By Staff | Feb 26, 2009

Popular island artist Myra Roberts work will be published in a book to be available at Sanibel shops.

Area writer and realtor Brian Johnson is the mastermind behind what will be called “The Art of Myra Roberts Inspirations From the Florida Coast”. He is shooting to have the book done by November. He is taking advanced orders for the 100 page book which will include most of Roberts work, including Native American paintings from her earlier years living in Arizona. There will also be chapters on her dog and mermaid paintings.There will also be a section on her work for local non profit agencies, including CROW and PURRE.

Roberts is best known for her vintage pieces, including 1950s era Hollywood pin-up girls and her work with nature and animals – including wildlife patients at CROW Clinic on Sanibel. Her work hangs in island and regional galleries, including Art in the Tree Tops Gallery, Lily & Co. Jewelers gallery, The International Art Gallery in Naples, the McGregor art gallery in Fort Myers, BIG ARTS, Sea Weed and Sanibel Art and Frame.

Along with her talented work, Roberts, a sensitive yet passionate artist is also known for her big heart and philanthropic efforts. Many of her pieces have been used to help charities, including CROW and BIG ARTS.

Johnson who writes for the Island Sun said he came up with the idea to create a book of Roberts extensive works after playing a chess game with her son. During the Christmas season Johnson went to the Roberts home to play a game of chess with her son David Roberts on break from college. During the chess game Johnson said he noticed Roberts paintings hung along the walls.

“It was just striking,” he said. “I thought it should be in a book.”

Roberts is surprised and delighted that Johnson chose to compile her life’s work into a book.

“I had to pinch myself,” Roberts said. “I am just excited out of my mind.”

For the past several months Roberts and Johnson have met every Wednesday to work on the book.

Roberts stands amazed at Johnson’s discipline and dedication and Johnson at Roberts dizzying talent.

Both are excited to present the book to the community so that everyone might enjoy Roberts work which includes so much of the natural beauties of the islands.

“The driving force is she’s such a talented artist,” Johnson said. “People have really embraced her. “I really think she’s someone who can have a national audience.”

For those who want to learn more about Roberts, the opening for the book will be a biographical sketch of her life, Johnson said.

Roberts requests that anyone who has one of her original paintings to contact her so that they can be added as a collector.

Johnson is taking advance orders at islandscene1@comcast.net