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Zebis now offers image preservation

By Staff | Feb 18, 2009

You can preserve the images on slides, negatives and photographs for the future, for personal use, for family or for business.

Zebis, an island technology company, will digitally save, store, organize and archive slides, negatives and paper photographs. Humidity, mold, pollution, handling, fire, flood, hurricanes, dust, etc. cause critical damage to images. And this damage progresses at a swift pace. Once the damage is done, there is no way to reverse it. Each day, slides and negatives lose some vital color or fade from the original well defined image.

Remember a few years ago, when a local group was looking for images of early Sanibel for publication in a new book? Many people remembered having images, couldn’t find them or – when they did find them – the images were damaged/degraded beyond a useable stage. Today, there is the means to keep that same loss from ever happening again. Current technology methods and archival media combined with professional photography expertise, come together at Zebis to offer a way to protect important images. This new service, backed by broad technological expertise and serious photography knowledge, provides the means to save today for tomorrow.

Packages are available for small to large projects. Call Zebis at 395-9324 to discuss options.