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Thoughtful, prudent and informed

By Staff | Feb 18, 2009

To the editor,

What makes Sanibel special to you? Is it our lovely beaches? The opportunity to shop at our friendly, small businesses? Our respect for the environment? Or perhaps it is our vibrant sense of community?

For many decades now, passionate and dedicated civic leaders have worked hard to preserve these and other assets for which our barrier island is renowned. David Berger, candidate for Sanibel City Council, seeks to continue this cherished legacy.

Questions have been raised about David’s attitude toward business development and related land use issues. If you ask him, David will speak with clarity and conviction about the need to support our unique, small business community. It is a vital aspect of our island’s social and economic stability. When David was a member of the Planning Commission, one of his major contributions was helping to set the current business development guidelines which discourage “big box” stores and franchises that would threaten the unique shopping ambiance of our current businesses.

David has already proven his ability to be a thoughtful, prudent and informed

participant in our civic community. He is precise, thorough and honest. He can be counted on to make decisions based on what will be in the interest of our community as a whole – residents and business interests together – and he has the integrity to justify his decisions openly and with civility.

Please vote for David Berger for City Council.

Carolyn and Bruce Bergen