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Stell, Hopson, Tober and Chocol capture BMGA Red-White-Blue Tournament

By Staff | Feb 18, 2009

There were four ways to get into trouble on the islands on Valentine’s Day, and members of the Beachview Men’s Golf Association may have found ways to err in most of them.

The first way to trouble would be forgetting to at least pick up a Valentine card. The second pitfall would be waiting until Feb. 13 to try to get a dinner reservation on the big day. (By a week before the 14th, one restaurant was offering seating… for the 10 p.m. shift.)

Trouble spot number three would be trying to get anywhere on the main road on Valentine’s Day, with most of 17 counties snaking their way to the Rotary Club’s Arts Fair.

The Beachview bunch missed the early part of that madness, but their final road to trouble was just as bad. The occasion was a Red-White-Blue tournament, something to stir every patriotic heart, right? Wrong. This had nothing to do with flag colors and a lot to do with tee box colors.

Folks who usually play from the medium (white) tees joined geezers who play from the easier gold tees for this event. And all of them were forced to go back to the big, bad blue tees on six holes. The pain of that was only mollified a bit by six trips to the red (ladies) tees.

Bill Stell, Jim Hopson, Guy Tober and Dick Chocol outscrambled the field with a net 41.25. Rich Rompala, Frank Klepacki, Duane Thurow and Gholi Dareshori were second with 42.5. Mark Ryan, Jim Sauer, Jerry Mader and Stan Sheft posted 43.75 for third place.

The Men’s League hosted their annual tournament for members of the Women’s Association on Feb. 10. Barry Humphries and Jay Allen got help from Carol Allen and Terry Lohser to win the event with a 35 net.

Bjorn Olsson and Rene Lohser partnered with Joyce Rice and Jill Bugby for a second place 37. Another point back were Don Maurer, Bill Blankenship, Dotty Bye and Sandy Malott.