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Decent, ethical and business-savvy

By Staff | Feb 18, 2009

To the editor,

I would not presume to impose my political opinions or biases on other voters but, in view of the crucial fiscal and environmental issues challenging the islands of Captiva and Sanibel, I feel it’s just (and important) to share what I know about Marty Harrity, candidate for Sanibel City Council.

Mr. Harrity is, without question, among the most decent, ethical and business-savvy people I have met during my 37 years in the area. No one ever has to guess where Mr. Harrity stands on an issue. The man is without device, and he’s as honest and straight forward as they come.

Mr. Harrity is my friend and business partner, yet I say this freely and without equivocation. I have witnessed, first hand, the man’s gift for organizing, leading, consensus-building and working as a member of a pro-active team.

Marty Harrity, quite simply, is a winner – a good man to have at your side in a tight spot, no matter the circumstances. In this election, from what appears to be a superb field of candidates, I urge you to give Mr. Harrity your serious consideration.

Randy Wayne White