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Continue the excellent job

By Staff | Feb 18, 2009

To the editor,

My wife and I bought our first property on Sanibel in 1974. Since then, we have watched City Councils on the island operate (or not operate!) from Sanibel’s incorporation as a city in the mid-70s until today.

Today, we have one the smoothest running and effective councils that we can remember. They are fiscally responsible, sensitive to our fragile environment and very supportive of the Sanibel Plan and Land Development Codes. They are well known and respected by the Lee County Authorities whom we must depend on to send as many of our tax dollars back to us as possible. Why would we not give the three currently serving council members running for office another term?

The only reason we can come up with is that the “Political Action Committee of the Islands” wants to exercise more control over the island by getting two of their members elected to the council. That is all well and good and certainly their right to do so.

The question that puzzles us is why COTI feels that they need to employ scare tactics and spread untruths about some of the current council members wanting to change the Sanibel Plan or Codes to allow high-rises and over-development. Such erroneous information can certainly influence some uninformed Sanibel voters as evidenced by a letter to the editor sent in last week by a gentleman, and I quote “For the record, it should be understood that City Council has the final vote on the Land Development Code.”

Absolutely untrue. The Sanibel Use Plan, Charters and Development Codes can only be changed by a majority of registered Sanibel voters in a referendum.

On March 3, let’s send Mick Denham, Kevin Ruane and Marty Harrity back into office to continue the excellent job they are currently doing for us.

Richard Butler