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An asset to our city

By Staff | Feb 18, 2009

To the editor,

I am writing in support of Kevin Ruane for City Council.

I first met the Ruane family at The Sanibel School open house four and a half years ago. Shortly after introducing our sons, who were entering fourth grade, they were welcomed by Hurricane Charley. Although they were brand new to our community, Kevin’s willingness to jump right in and help assist was very exemplary especially for a citizen who just arrived.

Kevin’s first term on the council and his ability to help with the fiscal responsibilities have made him an asset to our city. I personally believe that having someone as Kevin who is active on so many different levels in our community is beneficial to all Islanders. Whether it is coaching a youth team, serving as the president of the Sanibel School Fund, being a member of Kiwanis or serving on the Sanibel School Advisory Council, his involvement from the first few weeks of living here is part of what makes him a great asset to council.

The challenges we will face these next four years will be easier to manage with Kevin, who has a strong finance background and knows what he takes to maintain a community of our stature.

Melissa Congress