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A vote for your lifestyle

By Staff | Feb 18, 2009

To the editor,

Marty Harrity creates possibilities, explores opportunities, implements positive solutions. Now, more than ever, Sanibel needs Marty Harrity!

Marty cares deeply about Sanibel, and has shown his care for our island in the way he has led his life on Sanibel over the past 30 years. He is a man of community service, always ready and willing to take a leadership role in creating possibilities, making a difference and accomplishing goals which have enriched our island for each of us and our community as a whole. As a businessman, Marty understands the business community, the ever expanding needs of island employees and the necessity for strong fiscal responsibility.

As a 30-year resident, preserving the uniqueness of Sanibel is at the heart of Marty’s decisions. Marty took the lead on affordable and senior housing, expanding The Sanibel School to include K-8 grade, obtaining funding for the Rec Center and, as Mayor, Marty spearheaded the recovery after Hurricane Charley.

Marty’s approach is always, “How can I help?” A vote for Marty is a vote for what we love about Sanibel. It’s really a vote for you and your lifestyle!

Re-elect Marty Harrity for City Council.

Liddy Johnson