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A clear voice

By Staff | Feb 18, 2009

To the editor,

I will vote for Mick Denham for City Council on March 3. I have three primary reasons why Mick will receive my vote:

1. Mick Denham has spent the last four years on the City Council and most recently as the Mayor of Sanibel, of our community. He has been a clear voice for fiscal responsibility. He has worked with the City Manager to reduce city spending and reduce our tax rate while still maintaining the services and maintenance to our city infrastructure. I am a big fan of fiscal responsibility.

2. Mick has also been and continues to be, an influential and effective voice to address the water quality issues we have faced and will continue to face. It is imperative that these issues continue to be top of mind. As a property owner and a Realtor, my investments, my livelihood and my retirement – someday – depend on it.

3. Mick is rational. Some of the issues he has addressed while on the City Council have been controversial. As in any democracy worth it’s salt, there are differing opinions with plusses and minuses that need to be weighed. In these times, Mick has listened to the differing opinions and has voted with a balanced voice. I haven’t always agreed with his votes but when I asked why, he had a thoughtful answer that made sense. I still didn’t necessarily agree with him, but respected that he had weighed all sides.

I feel that Mick Denham must continue to be on our City Council, so I will cast my vote for him on March 3.

Sarah Ashton