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Sanibel regulations for temporary political signs

By Staff | Feb 17, 2009

The City of Sanibel’s Sign Regulations (Chapter 106, Section 106-136 of the City of Sanibel’s Codified Ordinances) define specifics standards for Temporary Political Signs.

Area and Height – Maximum sign face of 2 square feet. Maximum height of 3 feet for ground signs.

Ground Sign Standards – Signs cannot be located with the public Right-of- way. All signs must be set back a minimum of 2 feet from the front property line. The sign face must be parallel to the right-of-way.

Political signs can not pose an obstruction or hazard to traffic, bicycle or pedestrian.

Window signs may be affixed to the inside of, or displayed behind, a window or door of a building.

Removal – All temporary signs must be removed five days after the election (before March 8).

For further information regarding Temporary Political Sign regulations, contact the City of Sanibel’s Code Enforcement Department at 472-4136.

Source: City of Sanibel