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Q&A with Tribeca Salon owner Domizio Melchiorre

By Staff | Feb 12, 2009

Domizio Melchiorre is a stylist for his family-owned business Tribeca Salon. The experienced and cheery hair dresser started business on Sanibel at the end of last year.

Islanders can be seen chatting away with Melchiorre or his family who also works at the salon.

Some glitterati have been known to stop by the salon. Inside is a picture of Melchiorre and Williard Scott, the popular weatherman – who stopped by recently for a hair cut.

Have you always been a hair stylist?

Hair has been a constant passion of mine for the majority of my life.

What brought you to Sanibel?

Opportunity to establish a new business in a great environment with fantastic people.

What is your greatest hair makeover tale you had with a client?

One of my most rewarding experiences was a recent contest where Tribeca Salon, Head to Toe by Tina, and Why Knot joined together to make over an extremely well deserving local teacher.

What’s your most popular hair style request?

This industry is constantly changing so I would say that the most popular styles are always the ones that are based in classic sasson cuts. They are in styles rooted in clean precision lines which in turn creates that classic look.

What is your favorite hair style or look to achieve?

My favorite look to achieve is the look of an extremely satisfied client.

Which style are you happy is no longer around?

The mullet.

How about celebrity clients? We know some famous people have passed by your way. Can you share who some of the glamourous people are?

You will just have to stop by and hope you catch one.

What makes you feel most rewarded about being a hairstylist?

The most rewarding part is the immediate satisfaction received from the happiness and confidence displayed by the client.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a hair stylist?

Make sure you love it and practice speed is a bi-product of accuracy. Oh and good luck.

Whose hair – if given the opportunity – would you love to style?

Robert Deniro

You always seem to be sporting a wide grin. What words of wisdom would you give for living a happy life?

Get your hair done at Tribeca and always keep your family close because they give you the support and love it takes to endure the hard times and are both the foundation and the catalyst for the great times.