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Kohmescher leads foursome to BMGA scramble playoff win

By Staff | Feb 12, 2009

To speed up play at heavy demand times, Beachview Golf Club switched their front and back nines for the 2009 season.

The price of speed, though, was the loss of familiarity members had built over the years for the starting nine. Most found the new starting holes tougher, if only because they weren’t accustomed to playing them often.

That information sets the stage to let you know that not everyone gets shaky knees from the tougher side of the course. When the Beachview Men’s Golf Association gathered on Saturday, Feb. 7 for the monthly scramble, one of the most senior members stepped up to let everyone know the less familiar could be handled.

Jerry Kohmescher, zipping through his middle 80s in the style that made him formidable in earlier decades, sparked his team to a sizzling 31 gross on the watery front nine and an overall net 42. Jerry was knocking in putts from all angles.

Also enjoying his round were his partners, Jack Tukey, Bob Ritchlin and Frank Esposito. Every shot counted because the winning team had to take a scorecard playoff to edge Bruce Cutler, Bjorn Olsson, Bill Sadd and Bill Sartoris and another 42.

Bill Fellows, Rene Lohser, Jerry Mader and Russ Bilgore finished third with an oh-so-close 42.75.

In the Feb. 3 Very Modified Stableford event, also known as the “Points Cascade,” Chuck Bye, Tom Ware, Dave Bugby and Jerry Mader piled up 156 points. Ralph Barton, Dan Keys, Guy Tober and Bob Cushman were second at 149.

Among the nine-hole folks, Tom Mehalic, Bob Ritchlin, Frank Esposito and Terry Myers won with 81 points. Bill Stell, Jerry Kohmescher, Frank Klepacki and Bruce Avery were second.