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College student who impressed President Obama will join Miracle for opening night

By Staff | Feb 10, 2009

Julio Osegueda caught President Barack Obama’s attention Tuesday afternoon during a nationally televised town hall meeting in Fort Myers and now the 19-year old will get to fulfill his dream thanks to the Fort Myers Miracle.
Osegueda, who has worked at a Cape Coral McDonald’s for the last four years, excitedly asked President Obama about his plans to help increase benefits for people like him. The President explained that he was happy that Osegueda was a hard worker and asked about what he was studying at Edison State College. The Manhattan, New York native responded that he was a Communications major and wants to be a broadcaster or disc jockey.
So the young man who President Obama described as “sounding like you’ve got good communication skills” will get a chance to use them courtesy of the Miracle.
Osegueda will be the radio color announcer during the Miracle’s home opener on Friday, April 10. against the Charlotte Stone Crabs.
“Man this is so cool. I can’t believe this day and wow what a great opportunity,” said Osegueda in a prepared statement issued by The Miracle.
Osegueda is currently taking basic news reporting classes and says his work at McDonalds has furthered his passion for broadcasting.
“People come through the drive-thru and when I take their order and talk to them a bit and they say wow you’ve got a great voice and you should be a broadcaster. So that’s what I want to do,” said Osegueda.
Osegueda says he does not know much about sports, but his family is huge New York Yankee fans.
“I’ll be ready,” said an excited Osegueda.