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Respect for one another

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

There are many reasons why my wife and I are going to vote for Kevin Ruane, but let me tell you about just two of them.

We have come to the realization over these many years that one cannot assume that campaign promises made by a politician prior to getting into office will be remembered when he or she is elected.

Let me tell you about an exception to the rule that happened on Sanibel two years ago. Kevin Ruane told many folks at coffee and wine and cheese parties that he promised two things:

(1) He pledged that he would bring sound financial management to the City budget and investments.

Results: He urged the City to liquidate our $27 million in investments from the SBA Local Government pool. As a result of his recommendation, the City retained its full investment despite major losses incurred later by several municipalities in the pooled funds. Also, I am sure you have noticed on your 2009 tax bill that Sanibel’s millage rate was decreased which resulted in lowering your taxes. In addition, he strongly advocated increasing our reserves in the event of unforeseen events such as hurricanes or the like.

Kevin led all the financial discussions on the Council and we now have a sound financial plan for Sanibel as we move through 2009 and beyond.

(2) He promised to have a plan for the removal of Red Drift Algae by October of 2007.

Results: That plan has been finalized and approved by the City and is ready to be implemented if and when the Red Algae appears on our beaches.

Yes. Kevin made these promises during his 2007 campaign… and he delivered on them! He will continue to deliver for Sanibel in these next four years.

The closing thought I have is we now have for the first time that I can recall a City Council that truly works together effectively and, more importantly, respects one another. Let us not disrupt this team.

Please vote for Kevin on March 3.

Bill Christison