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Proven leader, extraordinary results

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

Mayor Mick Denham asked me to serve on his re-election campaign team and I gladly agreed, because Mick has demonstrated exceptional leadership ability in making things happen. He has worked very hard for all of us in maintaining – and even improving – our Sanibel quality of life.

His accomplishments and foresight have been many, among which was the leadership he provided creating the opening (pass) between Clam Bayou and Dinkins Bayou. As we all are so aware, the result has been a wonderful improvement in the water quality in both Bayous.

Mick has also shown fiscal conservatism when we need it, and as mayor, has led a Council that is increasingly collaborative and effective. Mick is a leader who can bring people and groups together to work for the common good… not the easiest thing to do on Sanibel!

We need Mick on the Sanibel City Council to complete the important work that he has started and to continue his role in leading the City in a continuing good direction.

Please vote for Mick on March 3 to ensure continuity in insightful, sound leadership. Mick also has a Web site: www.reelectmickdenham.com.

Tim Gardner