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Mystery author Myers to visit Sanibel Public Library on Friday

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

The Sanibel Public Library will host “An Afternoon with Tamar Myers” this Friday, Feb. 6 at 2 p.m. The noted mystery author will be giving a presentation on her books. Afterwards, there will be a book-signing and light refreshments will be served.

Myers was born and raised in the Belgian Congo (now just the Congo). Her parents were missionaries to a tribe which, at that time, were known as headhunters and used human skulls for drinking cups. Hers was the first white family ever to peacefully coexist with the tribe, and Tamar grew up fluent in the local trade language.

Tamar grew up eating elephant, hippopotamus and even monkey. She attended a boarding school that was two days away by truck, and sometimes it was necessary to wade through crocodile-infested waters to reach it. Tamar was 16 when her family settled in America, and she immediately underwent severe culture shock. She didn’t know how to dial a telephone, cross a street at a stoplight or use a vending machine. She lucked out, however, by meeting her husband, Jeffrey, on her first day in an American high school. They literally bumped heads while he was leaving, and she entering, the Civics classroom.

In college, Tamar began to submit novels for publication, but it took 23 years for her to get published. Persistence paid off, however, because Tamar is now the author of two ongoing mystery series. One is set in Pennsylvania and features Magdalena Yoder, an Amish-Mennonite sleuth, who runs a bed and breakfast in the mythical town of Hernia. The other is set in the Carolinas and centers around the adventures of Abigail Timberlake, the proud owner of a Charlotte (and later Charleston) antique store, the Den of Antiquity.

Tamar now calls Charlotte, N.C. home. She lives with her husband, plus a Basenji dog named Pagan, a Bengal cat named Nkashama and an orange tabby rescue cat named Dumpster Boy. Myers is currently working on her 30th novel.

“An Afternoon with Tamar Myers” is part of the Sanibel Public Library Author Series. The Author Series is sponsored in part with generous support of the Sanibel Public Library Foundation, Inc. There is no charge for the program and it is open to all.

Sanibel Public Library is located at 770 Dunlop Road. For more information, call 472-2483 or visit www.sanlib.org.

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