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Imminently qualified

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

In my prior life up north, I was the mayor of a small, historic town about the size of Sanibel for 13 years. And believe me, there is no more thankless job in the political arena than that of a small-town mayor or council person.

I write to support Dr. David Berger for City Council in the March 3 election, a candidate who is not only willing to serve, but is imminently qualified to do so. Dr. Berger is a physician and surgeon, holds an MBA degree and has considerable experience on the Planning Commission.

David Berger is a strong believer in the Sanibel Vision Statement, Plan and Land Development Code. He is not opposed to changes in the Code, but will seek to assure that any such changes benefit the entire community – not just a select few. David is the kind of person who will listen to both sides of a position before making up his mind.

Dr. Berger is a person of impeccable honesty and integrity, who will serve the citizens of Sanibel well.

Phil Gainer