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Honesty, integrity and dedication

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

An outstanding feature of Sanibel is the quality of its people, as exemplified by Dr. David Berger, a candidate for city councilman. His educational level as a physician and surgeon, with an MBA, is put to use toward helping others. David spends two days a week performing surgery at the V.A. outpatient clinic in Fort Myers. He is committed to improving the community and environment where he lives. Not only does he believe in the Sanibel Vision Statement, Plan and Land Development Code, but he put his beliefs into action by serving on the Planning Commission.

David sees inevitable change as an opportunity to pursue rational redevelopment and respect for established neighborhoods and the natural environment. Change must be gradual and must lead to improvement, such as the Land Development Code, that will benefit the larger community. By directing change as a fiscal conservative, he is prepared to accept the challenge and deal effectively with the city’s current financial difficulties.

To elect Dr. David Berger to serve on the City Council will bring out the best qualities of the people of Sanibel – educational achievement, service to the community, honesty, integrity and dedication.

Donald Herman