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Extraordinary results

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

The up coming elections for our City Council ranks as one of the most important in recent times. I was honored to be asked by Mick Denham to act as his campaign manager. I wanted to make a personal contribution on behalf of my family, friends and our island as a whole to the political process on this vitally important occasion. It is important because:

(1) Sanibel is adjusting to the most serious economic down turn we’ve experienced in our life time. Nothing in the dotcom boom/bust era and recession of the early ’90s compares with the today’s problems. We are adversely impacted because of the shrinking revenues, diminishing number of visitors, declining property values and associate hardships that effect all of us. The economic challenges facing Sanibel are unprecedented. Available funding to enhance our sanctuary island and clean up the polluted water in our state and around Sanibel has dropped significantly. In times like these, we are fortunate that Mayor Mick Denham is willing to run again and invest his time and invaluable experience to successfully resolve issues that concern us all. As Vice Mayor and Mayor, Mick has demonstrated an ability to reduce our taxes and manage shrinking budgets to insure we stay within our economic means. Mick’s has forged improved relations with county, state and federal government officials. He has been successful in reaching out to them in securing resources for Sanibel and in helping shape their decisions that will serve the best interests of Sanibel. We need to re-elect Mick. He is a very valuable resource in helping us weather the economic storm.

(2) In at least one other key respect, we are fortunate to have Mick as a candidate. While our economy currently occupies center stage, Mick has demonstrated over again his steadfast commitment to the balance called for in the Sanibel Plan. We are custodians not owners of this island. Future generations depend on us to discharge this duty of care with the utmost diligence, foresight and by calling on the best available advice. This balance between the pressing needs of the economy and the equally critical requirements of our sensitive environment is one that Mick not only understands but continues managing effectively on our collective behalf.

Mick’s many achievements over the last four years have been secured with a style founded on harmony and consensus; on listening and learning before acting, and on a continuing sensitivity to the needs of all Sanibel residents. I hope that all your readers have received a copy of Mick’s campaign leaflets; these summarize what he has done and can continue to do for Sanibel. Mick is a proven leader who has produced extraordinary results. I urge your readers re-elect Mick on March 3 so he can carry on his good work on our behalf.

Richard Johnson