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Experience does count

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor:

I write this letter in support of Kevin Ruane and to remind the residents of Sanibel how fortunate we are to have him as our councilman.

Kevin and I met four years ago when he was chair of Mick Denham’s campaign for City Council. I was impressed with his intelligence, professionalism and concern for Sanibel. Along with others, I urged Kevin to run for council in the special election in May 2007 and am proud to be one of so many residents who worked for his election.

Kevin’s message in 2007 was to the point. He would help bring some financial management to the city budget and investments. He promised and he performed. He proposed a plan for removal of red drift algae by October 2007 and he performed. He promised personal attention to quality of life issues and he performed.

Kevin received 67 percent of the vote in that 2007 special election and in 2008 he was elected Vice Mayor by his colleagues on the City Council. Kevin keeps his word, he does his homework and he represents all the people on our beautiful island. His financial background, his devotion to his position and the time he puts in on our behalf make him a true asset to our City Council and our island.

Experience does count in these difficult economic times. On March 3, we need to re-elect tested people who have served Sanibel so well.

Goerge L. Clark