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Exceptionally well-suited

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

The essence of a true democracy is a government that represents the people. It is inarguable, of course, that this is not achieved in a dictatorship, despotic entity, or the like. But it is also not attained where politicians pursue their personal goals or those of special interests and ignore the will of the people.

You don’t have to look too far, because that is exactly what’s happening here on Sanibel Island. David Berger is a well-qualified, capable, people-oriented candidate for the Sanibel City Council. During his tenure on the Sanibel Planning Commission, he sought to uphold the Sanibel Plan, Land Development Code and other guiding milestone doctrine that express the overriding will of Sanibel voters. Due to this stance, however, he was prevented from re-appointment to the Planning Commission by those who considered personal and/or special interest objectives above the collective residents’ will.

David Berger is exceptionally well-suited: devoted to island preservation, a fiscal conservative with an MBA (in addition to an MD/surgery), energetic, sensitive and highly principled. I strongly urge the election of David Berger to City Council so that he can continue to work for the people of Sanibel and against the special interests opposing him

Jack A. Kohn