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Exceptional leadership

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

At a time when our country is challenged by the most difficult economic times since the great depression, beautiful Sanibel – one of America’s most treasured sanctuary communities – is facing a trio of problems: (1) The redefinition of our building codes. (2) The upcoming difficulty regarding the redevelopment of our business and resort properties. And (3) how best to position the city economically so we can safely and affordably move into the future. All three of these problems must be handled in such a manner that our islands delicate environment is continually protected and preserved.

It is extremely important during hard times to turn to men whose life times exemplify exceptional personal values, the ability to handle difficult problems and a sincere dedication to environmental honesty. David Berger is such a man. He is a medical surgeon with an additional master’s degree in Business Administration. He has both the intellectual capabilities and experienced background to lead the way in making difficult decisions under pressure.

We have personally had the opportunity to observe David on numerous occasions when hard decisions have had to be made. His quick mind and cool demeanor allows him to calmly analyze difficult problems and make tough decisions. Equally important is David and his wife Esta’s deep love of Sanibel’s environment and people.

Whenever a voter has the opportunity to put together exceptional leadership and love of community, the best choice is always clear. We hardily endorse David Berger for Sanibel City Council.

Sandy McCartney Ehlers and Tom Ehlers Sanibel