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Couple shares lives, hearts with five Scottish Terriers

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

For anyone who has ever experienced the joy, heartache and humor that comes from owning or more accurately being owned by a Scottish Terrier then you will understand what drove one part-time Sanibel couple to have five of them.

Denise Carr and her partner Jim Lowry share their lives together in every way. Aside from sharing their personal lives with each other they own a biotech recruiting business in Pennsylvania where they live. The two former executives started their business so they could be home with their scottie pack.

But it is their love of the fuzzy, whiskered scotties that seems to sweeten their bond.

It is not hard to detect their passion for Scottish Terriers. It is evident

in their beaming smiles as their brood of five romps around the house in a whoosh of black fur and wagging tails. And their home, a cozy nook tucked away on the island pays homage to their crew with vintage scottie knicknacks, paintings – including an original from local artist Myra Roberts – a sculpted scottie fountain and even a topiary.

But its the fuzzy critters that inspire this mania among scottie fans.

For those who have never had the chance to meet a Scottish Terrier face to snout just imagine a clown, warrior and intellectual all rolled up into one pint-sized furry package and viola you have a scottie.

Their furry adventure began when Carr got her first scottie Tuppence for her 40th birthday. Then Dune came along. It wasn’t long before Dash and Piper came to the fold. But after the couple lost Tuppence and Dune, their hearts ached. Soon they met with a Naples Scottish Terrier breeder and became the proud human parents of Owen and Topper. The two lads who just turned three in January are seemingly endless balls of energy with a sparkle of wonder and mischief in their bright brown eyes. They are also champion show dogs.

And just when the couple said four is enough – Scotchie came into the picture.

Carr and Lowry rescued Scotchie who suffered from diabetes and blindness brought on by the diabetes. Scotchie who just celebrated his eighth birthday on Tuesday came to a NY based Scottish Terrier rescue near death from untreated diabetes. Carr and Lowry who have dealt with diabetes before made the choice to adopt Scotchie and pay for the surgery needed to reverse his blindness.

“It was the right decision,” Lowry said. “He’s a delight to have.”

Now Scotchie tears through the scottie adorned house like a pup of one. He squeals with joy at the sight of his fellow scots frolicking about.

“When you think of everything he’s been through, it’s amazing he has such an upbeat personality” Lowry said. “He has a fantastic will to live.”

The couple said they get a lot of attention when they take their scottie family to the beach. Some older folks reminence about former President Franklin Roosevelt’s beloved scottie Fala while others can’t help but want to play with the dogs.

“They go everywhere with us,” Lowry said.