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A breath of fresh air

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

Sanibel City Manager Judie Zimomra has taken a remarkable step. She has voluntarily reduced her salary by 15 percent. She further directed staff to transfer those funds to the Public Works overtime budget.

She noted that she grew up in a blue-collar family and that in times with layoffs and foreclosures, it is especially important to remember how hard some families struggle just to feed their children, keep their home and pay for gas to get to work.

She also said she was appalled at the behavior of Wall Street executives and thought it essential to be more aware of the world in which we all are living these days.

Do you think any others will make a similar gesture?

Judie, as one of Sanibel’s former Mayors, I’m proud of you!

Carla Brooks Johnston