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A big heart and soul

By Staff | Feb 5, 2009

To the editor,

What I love about Mick Denham and why he should remain on the Sanibel City Council is that he has consistently, with great zeal, attended all “The Green Team” meetings in the community. He is willing to be a part of our efforts; he held a positive view, supported, and shared ideas to help us improve our island. He spoke honestly and knowledgeably of the island and all its workings. He is a committed community member as well as a positive leader.

Mick has been involved in projects on the island that my students were lucky enough to take part in. For example, he helped initiate the Clam Bayou restoration project after Hurricane Charley. The Sanibel School “Green Team” collected Red Mangrove propagules on the beach and nurtured them. When they were ready for planting, they went with SCCF and community members to help plant them in the Bayou. What a wonderful feeling for children to have ownership of the beautification and protection of our island and all its habitants.

Mick has been dynamic in his efforts to improve the quality of water and beaches on Sanibel. I am lucky enough to have time in my classroom to teach the students about water quality and actually test water surrounding the islands. We have found that the more we speak up about the problem and educate others about the issue, the more people listen and understand.

Mick has had a major part in reducing the flows from Lake O into our estuaries, and helped with legislature that created new, more protective fertilizer ordinances.

Mick has been involved, in a positive way, in all the issues that my students, and myself have identified. Their concerns will grow, as their world gets bigger. They will speak up and Mick will respond in his positive, well-spoken manner. He has a big heart and soul, and has the ability to touch everyone, young and old.

Please help keep Mick on Council by voting for him on March 3. If you would like to contribute, send a check to Mick Denham Campaign Fund, 2463 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL 33957. Visit Mick’s Web site at www.reelectmickdenham.com.

Tylor Compton