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Cape Chorale reserves Valentine’s Day requests

By Staff | Feb 3, 2009

For those who have grown tired of the teddy bears, flowers and other standard fare, there may be another way to express love and and affection this Valentine’s Day.
The Cape Chorale is celebrating its 14th year of bringing four-part harmony to loved ones in a variety of locales. From hospitals to restaurants and doctors offices to homes, the tuxedo clad gentlemen deliver a silk rose, a box of chocolates, two songs and the endearing message of love for a mere $45.
Betty Louw has been taking reservations for the chorale for 13 years. She said the feeling of seeing the four-part harmony performance in the flesh far surpasses the surprise of getting roses.
“There are people all around watching them perform. It’s a nice feeling to know someone cares enough about you to send something like this,” Louw said. “Roses are over $55 a dozen, and we have not raised our prices in 10 years.”
The Cape Chorale is a Cape-based chorus that sings in barbershop style harmonies. Open to men of all ages, the chorus has been wowing crowds in the Cape for roughly 17 years.
Along with benefitting the Cape Chorale, proceeds from the Valentine’s bookings also go toward the Lee Memorial Health System.
Louw said the groups have raised more than $25,000 for Lee Memorial in their 14 years of Valentine’s Day greetings, something they are “very proud of.”
Four quartet teams will deliver harmonized messages of love on Feb. 13, and six teams will work on Valentine’s Day. Performances at all locations in Cape Coral and Fort Myers are $45; locations outside the two municipalities goes up to $70, to compensate for the extra travel time.
Louw said they still have spaces available, and will take last-minute reservations even on Valentine’s Day.
Louw added that, despite the economy, the chorale is expecting the “same amount of people, or even more” from years past because of the great value. A lot of the chorale’s business, too, comes from repeat customers, who have fallen in love with the performances.
“I love it because people call me and tell me it was fantastic,” she said. “It really gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling.”
To book a Cape Chorale Quartet, call Louw at 549-2849 or e-mail singingvalentines14@embarqmail.com.